Britnie Turner

Britnie Turner founded Aerial in 2009 at the age of 21 with the mission of elevating people and places. Britnie has since formed multiple companies under the Aerial brand, all accelerating the mission by empowering people, sustaining the planet and utilizing capitalism as a force for good. Through the success of her companies, Britnie is resetting the standard of what is possible for women and young people across the globe and has won several national and international awards for speed of growth, innovation and trajectory. Britnie’s commitment to a triple bottom line approach is proving that conscious business is not only viable but the way of the future. Britnie founded Aerial Produced after searching far and wide she couldn’t find a media, production, marketing or branding company that truly understood the essence of the social entrepreur. “We process the world differently. We choose to use our businesses as a way to maximize the impact of our values. Making money is important for the life of the company to be self sustainable but the passion for our cause is why we exist. Aerial Produced is a team that understands the impact we can make and is dedicated to expanding that impact through media channels.” Britnie is now only one of our socially-conscious entrepreneurs. We have shared Britnie’s story and passion through social media, production, daily vlogs, blogs, website design, logo design and personal brand managing. She has been working closely with the Aerial Produced team for the creation of the BVI Strong Story and now the BVI Strong Series.

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